Schedule a visit / appointment

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This function is only active when the visit planner module is activated and you have the rights to do so. If you wish to use this module, please contact the administrator of Your Research within your organization.

You can manually and/or automatically schedule one or a series of appointments with the help of the visit planner. These can be telephone, on-site and video call appointments.

Plan an appointment / visit

Adding manually an appointments can be done by clicking on the button below (see figure 1). 

Figure 1

After clicking on it, a pop-up will open (see figure 2) in which you can make the following choices:

  1. Type of visit: A protocol usually consists of different types of visits which are shown here in a list. The duration and type of visit is already recorded in the configuration of the protocol within Your Research.
  2. Resource: the availability of, for example, a certain room (in this example, location is space). It is not mandatory to click on this option because the system can also automatically choose a resource that is available for that type of visit.
  3. Researcher: linking an appointment to a specific researcher. This is not mandatory to choose, because the system can automatically choose an available researcher.
  4. Start date: this is the date on the basis of which the protocol schema is calculated. This is usually determined on the basis of a certain visit.
  5. Book out of window: allows you to schedule an appointment outside the mandatory appointment window of a visit. This feature is only available if you have permission to use it.


Based on the above data, which requires at least entering which type of visit it concerns, the calendar shows available time slots or you can quickly go to available time with the headings ''first available date'', ''Next available date'' or ''Preffered schedule date'' based on the protocol. 

When appointments can be scheduled depends on the protocol schedule, which is configured in Your Research.

On the left side of the planner, the agenda is shown with any already scheduled appointments for other participants. 

Figure 2

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