Knowledge base

Participant management (6)

Find more information on using Your Research Portal for study teams.

Network management (8)

With the network management module, organizations can manage their research networks. It primarily focuses on registering studies connected to countries, organizations, departments, and contacts. The network management module is a separate entity and is available to certain accounts.

Study management (4)

With the study management module, it's possible to gain insight into the progress of, the required actions (not related to a participant), and communication within a study, at both the country and site level. Naturally, insight into the progress is linked to your role within the study.

Studio (3)

Your Research Studio can be used independently via a secure web browser on your computer and/or tablet. A connection to the Internet is required to use the Your Research Portal. Users of the Your Research Studio who have completed the relevant training and the studio introduction of Your Research.

Conditions and privacy (2)

In this folder, you can review the standard terms regarding Your Research Participant Management, Network Management, and Study Management.