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Grid Functionality in the Your Research Portal

Within the Your Research portal, the grid functionality stands as a testament to adaptability and personalization, catering to diverse research needs and preferences on a study level.

  • Customizable Display: Every grid is tailorable to your unique requirements. Whether you wish to declutter your view by hiding specific columns or emphasize crucial data by making columns more visible, the choice is in your hands.

  • Flexible Naming Conventions: The system acknowledges that terminology matters, especially in the realm of research. As such, you're granted the liberty to modify column names to resonate more accurately with your study's context.

  • Default Ordering: Prioritize your data your way. Adjust the default sequence of the grid to streamline your workflow and highlight the most pertinent information at the forefront.

  • Layered Customization Levels: Recognizing that different stakeholders have varying needs, customization can be implemented at various levels:
    • Study Level: Tailor the grid to align with the specific demands and nuances of your study.
    • Role Level: Adjust the grid based on the responsibilities and access rights associated with particular roles.
    • Individual Level: For those who crave an even more personal touch, grids can be fine-tuned to individual preferences, ensuring every user feels right at home.

What is a grid?

How to adapt the grid view?

  1. Choose study, role or user.

2. Search for grid via ''Search for Anything''

3. Click on the pencil and you can adjust the grid

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