Assigning a Questionnaire or Task

Modified on Fri, 07 Jun 2024 at 09:11 AM

In this article, we provide more information on assigning a questionnaire or task to members within the study team.


Step 1: Create Task or Questionnaire

On the management page, click the green ‘Create’ button. The ‘Add Questionnaire’ screen will then load.


Step 2: Select Contacts

First, select the contacts from the list to whom you want to send the task or questionnaire. Select the contacts by clicking the square checkbox in front of their first names.

Note: The people shown here are from the study team added to this study. Once you have selected a participant and/or when you are done selecting, you can proceed to the next tab, ‘Activity’.


Step 3: Select Activity

In this step, you will determine the activity to be assigned. Follow these steps:

  1. First, select ‘Type’. Here you can choose between Questionnaire or Task. The difference is: a Questionnaire is sent via email to the contacts you selected in step two. A Task can only be filled out via the portal. Note: In this case, someone must have access to the portal.
  2. (Optional) Choose an organization. This is not mandatory and only necessary if a contact person (from the list in the first tab) is not linked to an organization.
  3. Next, select the form you want to send. You can assign multiple forms at once.
  4. Enter the start date on which the questionnaires should be sent.

Step 4: Link Notification

In this step, you will link the notification to the questionnaire or task you want to send. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the type of notification you want to send: Email, SMS, or Internal Message. An internal message is a notification shown only within the portal.
  2. Select the notification template you want to use. These are templates set up by the administrator.
  3. After selecting a template, you will see its content appear. You can still adjust this to your preferences.
  4. Using the ‘Reply To’ field, you can specify the email address to which a response will be sent when someone replies to the email. Enter an email address here.
  5. Finally, you can attach a file to the email you are sending.

After completing all the steps, click ‘Save’ to send the questionnaire or task.

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