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Please note!  Follow up on events in a timely manner and make agreements with your colleagues about this. Your Research is not responsible for timely follow-up.

On the right side of your screen you will find the icon for Events  when this module is active in your study and you have the permission.  

The red dot indicates that there are one or more open Events. 

By clicking on the event icon, an overview of all generated Events appears with the following information:

  • Date on which the Event was generated;
  • Status of Event:
    1. New -> Event has not yet been processed and has yet to be picked up.
    2. Pending -> Event has been processed, but still requires follow-up. In the log you can read why follow-up is still needed, if this has been recorded.
    3. Finished -> Event has been followed up and closed. Report about Event can be read. 
  • Type of Event:
    1. Informative (color green) > example: if a participant has not filled in the diary for 7 days;
    2. Critical (color red) > example: a participant is hospitalized.
  • Reason for  Event: this is a short description of the Event;
  • ID of patient/participant;
  • Name of patient/participant (optional).

Per column it is possible to filter by means of. Once a filter is active, the color of the box above the column changes.

Handling an event

By double clicking on an Event, you open the relevant file of the participant. Click here for further instruction.

Please note! You may not see all the data. This depends on your role and permissions set by the administrator. If you miss essential data, please contact the administrator of your organization.

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