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Modified on Wed, 31 Jan 2024 at 10:45 PM

In the instructional video below, you can explore the country feature, which enables users to establish, modify, and oversee countries within the system. Each country can be linked to programs, organizations, and contact individuals, facilitating categorization and organizational structuring. Users possessing the necessary permissions can generate fresh countries by inputting fundamental information like name, coordinator(s), and region. The country functionality also encompasses functions such as searching, reporting, associating countries with entities, merging duplicates, and keeping track of changes through audits, ensuring a well-organized and efficient country management system. This video will guide you through the processes of adding, editing, viewing, and deleting countries.


To add a new country to the system, a user with permission to add a country, can press the "Add" button on the Country part. On the new window that appears, the user provides basic details such as name, coordinator(s), and region. After pressing the save button, the country has been added to the system and can be viewed in the grid. Selecting the eye icon in the country grid of the specific country opens a new window with the entered details.



Users with permission to edit a country can click on the pencil icon, the user can modify the coordinator(s), region(s), and any additional information. When viewing it again, the new details of the country are visible. Via the audits tab, the changes that are made to the country are visible.



Users with permission to delete a country can select a country and can use the "Delete country" action that's available after pressing the "Bulk actions" button at the top of the country grid. After selecting the delete option, the system prompts for confirmation. When the user confirms the deletion, the system removes all associations of the country with programs, organizations, departments, and contact persons if they have at least two countries associated. If that's the case the country is successfully deleted from the system and the system confirms it.

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