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Welcome to the Network section of Your Research, the all-in-one platform designed to streamline your research management process. This guide will help you navigate the Network section effectively.

Navigating the Network Section

Search Functionality: Utilize the search bars to find specific Groups, Countries, Organizations, Contacts, or select phases. You can search by name, status, or other criteria.

Active Filters: Apply filters to refine your search results. You can remove individual filters or all at once to reset your search.

Groups/Countries/Organizations/Departments Sections: Each of these sections will list relevant entities. You can add new items by clicking the "Add" button. More information about these sections can be found at the following links:

Pagination: Navigate through pages using the pagination controls at the bottom of each section.

Bulk Actions: Use the 'Bulk action' button to perform actions on multiple items at once. 


  • This area displays a list of contacts related to your studies.
  • Check details such as Staff ID, Gender, First Name, Last Name, Status, Phone, Email, and Registration Date. 
  • Status: Indicates whether a contact is Active, Invited, or Inactive.

Read more about managing contacts via this link.

Using the Interface

  • Select Program: Use the 'Select program' drop-down to switch between different research programs.
  • Add Program: To start tracking a new research program, click the 'Add program' button.

More information about program management.

Performing Actions

  • To modify any information or to add new entries, click the pencil icon to edit.
  • To view more details, click the eye icon.
  • To add a new group, country, organization, or department, click the corresponding 'Add' button.
  • Additional Features
  • User Profile: Access your profile settings by clicking your name at the top right corner. Here you can manage your account details or log out.
  • Notifications: The bell icon keeps you informed about recent activities or alerts related to your network.
  • Help and Support: Click the question mark icon at the bottom left for help resources or to contact customer support.

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