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Your Research continuously develops its software to improve functionality and user-friendliness. New versions of Your Research software often include improved features, bug fixes, and security updates, which makes using the software easier and safer.


This document includes the release notes after Your Research has installed a new version of its software. If you are concerned by a product update, please feel free to contact our support desk which can be reached via


The release notes contain information about:

  • Maintenance of the software
  • New available features



Your Research develops new user features with the aim of enabling study teams to perform research processes and tasks more efficiently and effectively. We create new functionalities based on what we believe users will find useful. If you'd like to contribute to developments or have any tips, please let us know via


In this release, the following activities have been carried out:



Explanation (if applicable)

News bar

Study managers can easily inform the study team and sites about relevant developments within the study. At Your Research, we also use this functionality to keep you informed about the latest developments within Your Research.

Account information           

Your active study login details are visible in the upper navigation bar, including the role. The role is connected to the specific study.

Study Health status email

Starting from next Monday 16/10, all accounts linked to all sites within a study will receive a weekly update email, for each study to which you are connected, featuring the most recent and significant statistics within the study. These might include, for instance, the total number of participants who have registered, the appointments scheduled for the upcoming week, and/or important notifications.


If you prefer not to receive these emails, you can disable them in your own profile settings, located at the top right of your screen.




Your Research performs continuous maintenance on its software for the following reasons:

  • To fix bugs and errors: Regular maintenance allows for the identification and fixing of any bugs or errors in the software, which can improve overall performance and user experience.
  • To ensure compatibility with new hardware and software: As new hardware is released, it is important to ensure that the software is compatible. This can be done through regular maintenance updates.
  • To improve security: Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and it is important to keep software updated to protect against these threats. Maintenance updates often include security patches to help protect against potential vulnerabilities.
  • To improve functionality: Maintenance updates can also include new features or improvements to existing ones, which can enhance the user experience and improve the software’s overall functionality.
  • To extend the life of the software: Regular maintenance can help extend the life of the software by ensuring that it remains up-to-date and relevant. This can help save money by avoiding the need to replace the software.


In this release, the following activities have been carried out:


Maintenance items

Explanation (if applicable)

Portal API

Solved a bug where the Forecasted state for a Visit was not visible in the Reservation Overview and the Participant Dashboard Timeline.

Portal UI

Solved a bug where the Forecasted state for a Visit was not visible in the Reservation Overview and the Participant Dashboard Timeline. 

Portal permission

Solved a bug where a permission error would be thrown when selecting cancel on an AuditDialog.


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